You have probably never heard of someone training a mushroom before .

Working with some of the top innovators in the food space, we have developed a natural, non-GMO and chemical-free process to remove the toxic compounds that you are currently drinking in your everyday cup of coffee by training mushrooms to remove them.

Now I know you are probably scratching your head right now but its actually quite simple.

In nature mushrooms act as the clean up crew for the forest. They break down compounds into their most basic form, keeping the forest healthy and flourishing. They are so strong that they can actually break down nuclear waste and remediate oil spills. We leverage the same mechanisms found in nature to break down the unhealthy compounds found in coffee and tea.

We don't train the mushrooms with whips and chains... we are nicer than that. What we do is through a natural selection process we are able to synthesize the mushrooms to prefer consuming all the things you don't want while leaving that great coffee and tea taste that you love.

The mushrooms don't just take, take, take without giving. They infuse healthy (1,3)(1,6) beta-glucans and if you don't know about these wonderful little compounds, research suggests that beta glucans can be used for high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. They are also used to help boost the immune system, fight the common cold, defend you against allergies, lyme disease, asthma and so on and so on (Learn more about beta-glucans).

Now go ahead and try our coffee. We promise that no mushrooms were hurt in the making of this coffee or tea.