Our company does something quite unique… we train mushrooms to consume unwanted compounds out of foods we eat everyday.

You are probably saying….What!? Here’s a little background.

Mushrooms play an essential role in keeping the forest healthy. Since plants don’t have mouths or stomachs they rely solely on mushrooms to digest nutrients for them. In return the mushrooms feed the plant with sugars in order to photosynthesize.

Our process harnesses the natural symbiotic relationship that mushrooms have with plants on a variety of food products. We train them to consume the things that people don’t want (typically things that create a negative taste) and are left with a more nutritious and delicious food.

With this approach we can dramatically improve foods we eat everyday and we are excited to announce the launch of our first product, Better By Nature Reishi Coffee!

Coffee is naturally bitter, why not take the bitter out of coffee.

We train the mushrooms to consume only the molecules responsible for bitterness while leaving the nutritional qualities and flavor of the coffee beans intact. With the mushrooms happy consuming the bitter compounds they generously give back valuable immune boosting beta-Glucans.

Put down the cream and sugar and enjoy the beta-Glucans. You get a delicious, smooth cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like mushrooms but can still enjoy the valuable nutrients from what is known in eastern cultures as “The Mushroom of Immortality.”

Natural, non-GMO, sustainable and chemical-free we believe the best way to improve the foods we eat is through nature itself.